Our policy framework

MFAT Strategic Framework 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Strategic Framework defines our purpose and the impact we seek to make; it sets out how we are going do this and helps us assess our performance. See more here: Our strategic direction

Our purpose sums up how we serve Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Ministry acts in the world to build a safer, more prosperous and more sustainable future for New Zealanders. Kia hāngai ake e te Manatū he ao-haumaru, ao-tōnui, ao-pūmau, ki te oranga tonutanga mō Aotearoa whānui.

This includes promoting sustainable international solutions to global climate change, environment and natural resource challenges that impact on Aotearoa New Zealand.

International agreements

Aotearoa New Zealand is party to a number of agreements committing New Zealand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition from fossil fuels, and provide finance to vulnerable countries. See more about Global agreements.

Paris Agreement 2015 podium.

Developing new policy

The Aotearoa New Zealand International Climate Finance Strategy – Tuia te Waka a Kiwa is the guiding document for climate finance, but not an endpoint.

As the international response to climate change evolves, our approach needs to develop. This can include areas such as how private finance can be brought in alongside the funding from developed country governments, how we address permanent loss and damage from climate change impacts, and how global collaboration can best support a transition to cleaner energy generation.


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