Privacy statement

By providing personal information to the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, you acknowledge that we are collecting and will use this personal information for the purposes of considering and assessing requests for resettlement to, and if necessary a visa for travel to, New Zealand or other related or similar services including if you hold a current visa to establish or verify your identity. If you provide personal information about family members or others, you confirm that you are authorised to provide that information. If you fail to provide information that is specifically requested by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, that may result in the request for resettlement, a visa, or other related or similar services being refused or declined. We may need to share the personal information we collect and hold with other New Zealand government agencies (for example, Immigration New Zealand, or the New Zealand Ministry of Defence) or service providers, or with government agencies or service providers in other countries, for those purposes or as required by law. If we need to share this information with others for other reasons, we will only do so in accordance with law or with your consent. It is important to understand that overseas entities we may disclose the personal information to may not always be subject to comparable privacy laws as New Zealand and by disclosing to us personal information you acknowledge this. We will store and destroy your information in accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand Privacy Act and Public Records Act.

Individuals have the right to access personal information about them that is held by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Ministry will seek confirmation of the identity of the person making the request as set out in s45 of the New Zealand Privacy Act(external link).


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