Living in Iran

Visas for Iran

Contact the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran(external link) in Wellington for the necessary forms and details on how to make your visa application.

We advise all New Zealand passport holders to obtain a visa before travelling to Iran, despite what some online sources are recommending

Arrival without a visa, especially at airports or border checkpoints other than Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport, risks refusal of entry and possible deportation.

Getting married in Iran

If you are a New Zealander getting married in Iran, there are a number of Iranian requirements that you must meet.

A starting point is providing the Iranian government with confirmation that you are not already legally married and according to New Zealand laws you are free to marry.

You will need to apply for a Certificate of No Impediment(external link) from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.

Once you have been issued with the Certificate, the Embassy can assist by endorsing your Certificate for the Iranian authorities.

There is no legal obligation to register your overseas marriage in New Zealand, and this Embassy is unable to offer a marriage witnessing service in Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan.

If a marriage certificate is issued from New Zealand it does not replace the marriage certificate supplied in Iran.

The Department of Internal Affairs website gives you more information about Overseas Marriages(external link).

New Zealanders marrying Iranians should make themselves familiar with local laws. The Iranian government does not recognise dual citizenship and you should be aware marriage to an Iranian could affect your citizenship status, and the ability of the Embassy to provide you consular assistance. You should also make yourself aware of other laws (e.g. right of men to custody of children; restrictions for women on leaving Iran, subject to their husband's permission) should you become an Iranian Passport holder.


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