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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
New Zealand Embassy to the United Arab Emirates Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq

2022 Memorandum of Arrangement NZ-UAE Food Security Partnership

Expo 2020 Dubai

A proactive release of information relating to New Zealand’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai has been made. In July 2016 an interagency Task Force comprised of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (Chair), New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment and the Treasury, was established to assess and advise Cabinet whether New Zealand should participate in Expo 2020 Dubai. On 23 April the government announced that New Zealand will participate in Expo 2020.

Two key documents supporting this decision have been released.

Principles adopted for release of information:

In considering the material to be released, we have taken into account the Principle of Availability set out in section 5 of the Official Information Act 1982 (‘the Act’). We have also considered the reasons for withholding set out in the Act.

As a result of those considerations, some information has been withheld in line with the provisions of the Act. Where material has been withheld it has been annotated in accordance with this table:

Section of the OIA Reason for withholding
6(a) to avoid prejudicing the international relations of the New Zealand Government.
9(2)(a) to protect individuals’ privacy.
9(2)(ba) to protect the supply of confidential information by a third party.
9(2)(b)(ii) to avoid prejudice to the commercial position of another party.
9(2)(d) to protect the economic interests of New Zealand.
9(2)(i) to enable a Minister of the Crown or any department or organisation holding the information to carry out, without prejudice or disadvantage, commercial activities.
9(2)(j) to avoid prejudice to negotiations.


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