Our goal is for an economically and socially prosperous Niue.

On 26 April 2019, the Governments of New Zealand and Niue signed a Statement of Partnership [PDF, 587 KB] setting out the principles and priorities under which we will cooperate, coordinate and partner in shared priority areas.

New Zealand provides budget support and assists with asset maintenance and infrastructure development, health, education, and private sector development. MFAT plays a key role in this, including by coordinating the efforts of New Zealand agencies and organisations.

Recent achievements

  • Increased domestic revenue – visitor numbers continue to increase, growth in SMEs, and in capital expenditure on tourism infrastructure.
  • Critical resilient infrastructure has been built and actively maintained – electricity provision, water supply, and waste management have all been improved. The Sir Robert Rex Wharf has been strengthened.
  • Police, maritime and aviation services are progressively achieving international standards – border control, customs, aviation safety and security, and disaster preparedness have all been strengthened.
  • Improved health workforce capability and access to quality health services – specialist services and a programme of continuous professional development for all health staff supports quality health service delivery.
  • Improved quality of education through technical assistance on curriculum, mathematics, and ICT.

Current development priorities

Support Niue to continue to:

  • achieve sustainable and inclusive economic development
  • enhance community and regional safety
  • increase the quality of social services.

What we’re working on now

Supporting Niue to: 

  • increase domestic revenue through sustainable tourism growth
  • further develop renewable energy capacity
  • step up support to health and education sectors
  • bring additional internet capacity online through the Manatua submarine cable
  • continue to build and maintain critical resilient infrastructure.