Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – PwC IQA of the Cloud Acceleration Programme and Digital Workspace Transformation – May 2024


Released under the Official Information Act.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) commissioned an independent quality assessment by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) of its Cloud Acceleration Programme and the Digital Workspace Transformation Programme, after a cost escalation and rescoping of the original business case.
  • The PwC review was completed on 6 May. MFAT publicly released the review on 7 May.
  • MFAT accepts the findings of the review in full and will work to implement the recommendations.
  • The Ministry takes management of public funds very seriously; it has commissioned the report and is resetting the programme.
  • In response to the review, MFAT will perform a fundamental reset to the programme.
  • This will involve removing unnecessary costs, changing the delivery approach, resetting scope and retaining only what is needed.
  • This is intended to ensure that work essential for the Ministry’s core business is progressed to a successful outcome.
  • The report highlighted issues around leadership and governance. Intensive oversight and reporting will be applied to ensure delivery to time, cost and quality.
  • MFAT will engage ongoing independent quality assurance over the lifetime of the reset programme.


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