Key facts of New Zealand-UAE trade

The UAE is one of New Zealand's largest markets in the Middle East.

While 70% of New Zealand’s trade is now covered by Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), an important gap in our FTA coverage is the Gulf region. The United Arab Emirates is a top-20 export market for New Zealand, and one of our largest markets in the Middle East.

In 2023, New Zealand's goods and services exports to the UAE increased 8%, to NZ$1.04 billion. Two-way trade was NZ$1.18 billion.

The UAE is one of the wealthiest countries in the world on a per-capita basis, with an increasingly diversified economy built on financial services, logistics, transport and petroleum. The UAE started pursuing bilateral CEPAs in 2021, and had concluded over a dozen as of May 2024, with five already in force.

The UAE is an important hub for New Zealand into the region and a key component of our connectivity to the region and beyond, particularly in the aviation and maritime sectors. A significant New Zealand community resides in the UAE, particularly in its largest city Dubai.

New Zealand’s economic relationship with the UAE is supported by a strong bilateral political ties between both countries.


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