New Zealand's development assistance

Our geographic focus is the Pacific. This is New Zealand's neighbourhood, and is where we have a strong foundation of partnerships, cultural and historical links, and knowledge. 

We also provide support to Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. We seek to apply New Zealand's areas of knowledge and expertise in targeted support in these regions.


We also support development efforts worldwide through our support for multilateral, regional and non-government organisations.

New Zealand's aid expenditure in relation to national income

Each year we measure New Zealand’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) expenditure as a proportion of our Gross National Income (GNI). ODA includes both expenditure controlled directly by the New Zealand Aid Programme and expenditure made by other government departments which falls within the OECD DAC definition of ODA such as some contributions to multilateral organisations made by various government departments and humanitarian activities undertaken by the Ministry of Defence.

In 2014, New Zealand's total ODA increased both in total dollars and as a percentage of GNI. The ODA/GNI ratio is now 0.27%, up from 0.26% in 2013.

NZ ODA and ODA/GNI 2011-14
  2011 2012 2013 2014
NZ ODA $m 537.14 554.60 558.06 605.65
ODA-GNI % 0.28 0.28 0.26 0.27

New Zealand’s preliminary ODA expenditure and ODA:GNI ratio are reported each year in April by the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD, along with data for other country donors.

Find out more about ODA around the world on the OECD website (external link)