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Embassy of the United States of America
New Zealand Consulate-General, Honolulu, Hawaii Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), Palau, United States of America
New Zealand Consulate-General, Los Angeles, California United States of America
New Zealand Embassy to the United States of America United States of America
Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York

Our relationship with the US

New Zealand and the United States have a deep and long-standing relationship and share a commitment to democratic institutions and the international rule of law.

Our relationship is multi-faceted and includes close cooperation across a broad range of areas from business and trade, to defence and intelligence, science and technology, culture, arts, education and people-to-people links. There is close cooperation in Antarctica and on related issues, including safeguarding the environment, scientific research into key issues including climate change, and supporting the Antarctic Treaty system.

New Zealand and the US are working increasingly closely to build a peaceful, stable, prosperous and resilient Pacific region, consistent with the Strategy for the Blue Pacific 2050. We have common interests in countering terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the Indo-Pacific region and further afield. 

Defence and Security

New Zealand and the United States are close strategic partners and regularly collaborate on defence and security matters. We are both members of the Five Eyes and enjoy a special intelligence and security partnership.

In April 2024, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the US Secretary of State released a joint declaration(external link) on the bilateral relationship. The declaration recommits to the historic partnership between the two countries and commits to working more closely together to advance shared values and interests. In May 2022 former Prime Minister Ardern and President Biden released the “United States-Aotearoa New Zealand Joint Statement”. Other key documents underpinning our strategic partnership with the US are the 2012 Washington Declaration which set out a framework for closer defence relations and the 2010 Wellington Declaration, which agreed to a new focus on practical cooperation in the Pacific and enhanced dialogue on a range of international issues.

These arrangements commit our two countries to collaborate on a wide range of issues, regular meetings between Ministers, and annual political and military talks between officials.

Trade and economic

The US is a key economic partner and one of New Zealand’s largest export markets, including for primary goods and for services. The US is also a significant source of foreign direct investment, education, tourism, and innovation. New areas of our knowledge economy feature in the relationship, including in the technology and aerospace sectors.

The latest information about New Zealand's trade profile with the US is available on the New Zealand Trade Dashboard(external link).

New Zealand works with the US through the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and regionally through the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

In May 2022, fourteen economies in the Indo-Pacific, including New Zealand and the US, commenced  negotiations on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF). The IPEF Supply Chains Agreement entered into force in February 2024, while the IPEF Clean Economy and Fair Economy Agreements were substantively concluded in November 2023.

People and culture

Our close friendship is underpinned by people-to-people links.  

New Zealand is a member of the US Visa Waiver Program. New Zealand citizens visiting the US need to apply for an ESTA. The application can be found on the ESTA website(external link).

The KIWI Act, signed in 2018, allows New Zealand business people to apply for E1/E2 trade and investment visas. More information on the application process can be found at the US Embassy and Consulate website(external link).

New Zealand operates a USA Working Holiday Scheme(external link) which allows young US citizens to live and work in New Zealand. 

The US offers young New Zealand citizens a J-1 Work/Travel visa(external link) to allow them to work in the US for twelve months, subject to certain conditions.

Fulbright New Zealand(external link) offers a range of exchange awards for New Zealanders wishing to study, research, teach, or present their work in the United States. Fulbright New Zealand is jointly funded by the US and New Zealand governments with additional private funding.

New Zealand and the US established the New Zealand United States (NZUS) Council(external link) in 2001. It aims to foster and develop a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, and advocates for growing trade and economic links between the two countries. 

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