Embassy of the United States of America

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Contact details

Physical address 29 Fitzherbert Terrace
New Zealand

Postal address PO Box 1190
New Zealand

Other consular contacts

Staff Details:

His Excellency Mr Thomas Udall, Ambassador (1 December 2021)
Ms Jill Cooper

Mr David Gehrenbeck, Deputy Chief of Mission
Mrs Laura Gehrenbeck

Mr Christopher Allison, Counsellor
Ms Beth Rollins

Commander Daniel Shane Fisher, Naval Attaché

Mr Charles Goodman, Counsellor

Mr Gerald Smith, Counsellor (Agriculture) [Resident in Canberra]
Mrs Olivette Smith

Mr Brandon Paladino, First Secretary

Mr Jonathan Crawford, First Secretary
Mrs Lisa Crawford

Sara Devlin, First Secretary

Ms Ashely Tokic, Second Secretary

Mr Sean Pane, Second Secretary

Mr Seaman (Duke) Knapp, Second Secretary
Mrs Teresita Knapp

Ms Margaret Walrod, Second Secretary

Ms Michaela Beane, Second Secretary
Mr Joseph Bargdill

Mr Clayton Robinson, Second Secretary
Mrs  Danielle Robinson

Mr Michael Ford, Second Secretary
Ms Lucy Strange

Mr Jeffrey Tang, Second Secretary (currently on secondment to MFAT)
Ms Arlene Huang

Mr Michael Brown, Attaché (Legal)

Mrs Lucinda McKnight-Robson, Attaché
Mr Alan Robson

Ms Amanda Ramassini, Attaché (Coast Guard) [resident in Canberra]

Mr Scott Minner, Attaché (Defence)
Ms Margaret Culyba

Mr Gaspar Padron, Attaché (Defence) Marine Detachment Commander
Mrs Chelsea Padron

Mr Raage Sofe, Attaché (Defence)
Mrs Nicole Sofe

Mr Thomas Adams, Attaché (Defence)
Mrs Amanda Adams

Mr Daniel Westlake, Attaché
Ms Lydia Westlake

Mr Bryan Cox, Attaché
Mrs Natalie Gay

Ms Devon Wohl, Attaché

Ms Rebecca Wagner, Attaché
Mr Phillip Mauck

Ms Sara O'Mohundro, Attaché
Mr Matthew Chang

Mr David Thelen, Attaché
Mrs Naomi Thelen

Ms Christina Metcalf, Attaché

Ms Andrea Beery, Attaché

Ms Jessica Young, Attaché
Mr Jacob Young

Mr Douglas Sullivan, Attaché

Ms Stephanie Garza, Attaché

Mr Evan Tsurumi, Attaché
Ms Alyse Klein

Mrs Karen Kuzis Meyer, Attaché
Mr Christopher Meyer

Ms Rachel Orth, Attaché
Mr John Orth

Mr Damon Walthall, Attaché

Mr Jason Alberts, Attaché (Legal)
Mrs Mason Alberts

Mr Jesse Houser, Attaché
Ms Paula Neemann

Mr Joel Waters, Attaché
Mrs Sherry Lynn Waters

Mr Heath Peterson, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mrs Madeline Peterson

Mrs Maria Meeks, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mr Craig Meeks

Ms Mandisa Blanton, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Garrett Stone, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Phililpp Hartmann, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Holden Malpass, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Joaquin Chavez, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Luis Boiso, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Latroy Ducksworth, Administrative and Technical Staff


Consulate-General, Auckland staff

Mrs Sarah Nelson, Consul-General (26 July 2021)
Mr William Smith

Mr Mark Saavedra, Consul
Ms Olivia Blanchette

Ms Marcia House, Consul
Mr Keith Barnett

Mr James Kania, Consul
Mrs Jessica Kania

Ms Alexia Branch, Consul
Mr Clayton Briggs

Mr Colin Donovan, Consul
Mr Serkan Koybasi

Mr Nicolas Persons, Consul
Mrs Reem Persons

Mr William Wojnarowski, Vice Consul
Mrs Lisa Wojnarowski




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