Embassy of the People's Republic of China

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Contact details

Physical address 2-6 Glenmore Street
New Zealand

Postal address PO Box 17-257
New Zealand

Other consular contacts

Embassy Staff:

[Surnames/family names are listed before first names]

His Excellency Mr Wang Xiaolong, Ambassador (22 February 2022)

Mr Wang Genhua, Counsellor
Mrs Peng Mingjie

Senior Colonel Ke Hui, Defence Attaché
Ms Guo Yue

Lieutenant Colonel Zhang Yu, Deputy Defence Attaché
Ms Yan Jiaying

Mr Pan Xin, Assistant Defence Attaché

Ms Yue Shufang, First Secretary
Mr Xing Qing

Mr Wang Zhenyu, First Secretary
Mrs Zhu Sufang

Mr Wang Deyang, First Secretary
Mrs Li Qi

Mr Song Haigang, First Secretary
Ms Huang Yu

Ms Gu Min, First Secretary
Mr Du Xincun

Mr Rui Xiaofeng, First Secretary (Agriculture)
Ms Cheng Jinmei

Mr Chen Jianping, First Secretary
Ms Deng Bo

Ms Yang Yaxian, Second Secretary
Mr Han Dongsheng

Ms Zang Su, Second Secretary (Police)

Ms Wang Sibo, Second Secretary

Mr Yang Fan, Second Secretary

Mr Wang Linan, Second Secretary

Ms Zong Bin, Third Secretary

Mr Wan Ding, Third Secretary
Ms Zhang Xue

Mr Huang Junlong, Third Secretary

Mr Tang Bin, Attaché
Ms Yan Meng Meng

Mr Song Hailong, Attaché
Ms Sun Yangfan

Mr Xu Wan, Attaché

Mr Wang Hanzhong, Attaché

Ms Li Peng, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mr Fang Yi

Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office, Wellington

14 Hill Street, Thorndon, Wellington 6011
Tel 04 471 4102
Fax 04 471 4104
9am–12pm and 1–4.30pm Mon–Fri

Mr Huang Yuefeng, Counsellor

Mr Pan Jiansheng, First Secretary

Ms Han Yongpin, Second Secretary

Mr Meng Xiangyan, Attaché
Ms Hu Yuwei

Ms Liu Fangfei, Attaché

Education Office, Wellington

195 Knights Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5011
Tel 04 570 2758
Fax 04 570 2832
9am-12pm, 2-5pm Mon-Fri

Mr Dong Zhixue, Counsellor


Consulate-General Staff, Auckland

Mr Ruan Ping, Consul-General
Mrs Liu Yue

Mr Xiao Yewen, Vice Consul-General
Ms Liu Yu

Mr Lei Zhen, Vice Consul-General

Mr Jiang Jun, Consul

Mr Meng Xian, Consul
Mrs Chen Wei

Mr Liu Huaibiao, Consul
Mrs Zhou Lu

Mr Zhou Li, Consul
Mrs Chen Ying

Ms Wang Yan, Consul

Mr Shao Yong, Vice-Consul
Mrs Yuan Ting

Mr Miao Jianfeng, Vice-Consul

Mr Zhu Guo, Vice-Consul
Ms Jing Qin

Mr Wu Ge, Vice-Consul
Ms Zhang Fan

Ms Yu Liqun, Vice-Consul

Mr Wu Kai, Vice-Consul
Ms Chen Rulan

Mr LI Zhenyu, Vice-Consul

Economic and Commercial Office, Auckland

30-32 Alpers Avenue, Epsom, Auckland 1023
Tel 09 522 4424
Fax 09 522 4407
9am-12pm, 2-4.30pm Mon-Fri

Mr Kou Mengjun, Consul

Ms Jin Yan, Consul

Education Office, Auckland

8 Dromorne Road, Remuera, Auckland
PO Box 99469, Newmarket, Auckland
Tel 09 524 7670
Fax 09 524 2919

Mr Zhu Guo, Consul


Consulate-General Staff, Christchurch

Ms He Ying, Consul-General

Mr Zhai Xingfu, Vice Consul-General

Mr Zhai Jianjun, Consul
Ms Gan Jinping

Mr Zhang Yexin, Consul
Ms Li Guihua

Ms Xing Xuejun, Consul

Mr Xu Li, Consul

Ms Liao Hongyan, Consul
Mr Rong Lin

Mr Gao Guojin, Consul
Ms Zhu Juanfen

Mr Cai Runyuan, Consul
Ms Zhang Ni

Ms Li Muqing, Vice-Consul




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