Living in Indonesia

This section provides essential information for New Zealanders undertaking a short or long-term stay in Indonesia.

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The Embassy is open Monday to Thursday from 0730-1600 hours and on Friday from 0730-1300 hours. Visitors wanting to come into the office need to book  an appointment by calling (021) 2995 5800 or emailing:

For emergency consular assistance after hours please contact: +64 99 20 20 20 (from overseas) or 0800 30 10 30 (if calling from within New Zealand)

Essential numbers

Emergency Services in Indonesia

Police: 110.

Ambulance: 118 and 119.

National Search and Rescue Agency: 115.

Women & Children Protection Agency (SAPA): 129

State Electricity Company (PLN): 123.

Fire department: 112

TELKOM Directory Assistance 108  

Mental health counselling of the Directorate of Mental Health Services of the Indonesian Ministry of Health: 119 (8)

Bali Medical Centres

Bali International Medical Clinic

Kuta (0361) 761 263,

Badung (0361) 3000911

Ubud (0361) 2091030

International SOS Clinic (0361) 710505


Obtaining Certificate of Good Conduct/Indonesian Police Certificates

A certificate of good conduct (Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK)) can only be applied for by foreigner nationals if they have held a KITAS/ E-ITAS or KITAP / ITAP during their time in Indonesia. If only Business Visa / Tourist Visa / Social Cultural visa’s were held, then you will not be qualified to apply for a SKCK.

Application Procedure

If you are in Indonesia, you can apply for an SKCK directly at the SKCK service counter in police stations.

If you are living overseas, please download the POLRI SUPER application and apply for the SKCK through there.  


Information for New Zealand Citizens wanting to get married in Indonesia.

There is no legal obligation to have an overseas marriage registered in New Zealand. To be recognised by New Zealand law, marriage in Indonesia only needs to be registered according to Indonesian law. An Indonesian marriage certificate will be acknowledged in New Zealand.

According to Indonesian law, two ceremonies have to be performed before a marriage can be registered in Indonesia. First, an religious ceremony then, a civil legal ceremony. Please contact the Indonesian Registrar's Office nearest the location of the wedding ceremony to determine the exact requirements: for Muslim ceremonies, contact Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA) and for non-Muslim ceremonies, Kantor Catatan Sipil (DUKCAPIL).

The following steps are then needed to be undertaken before submitting an application to the Indonesian Registrar's Office: 

  1. Apply and receive a Certificate of No Impediment from New Zealand (CONI)
  2. Apply and receive a consular letter from the New Zealand Embassy Jakarta

Apply for CONI

If a New Zealand citizen is wanting to get married in Indonesia, they will also have to provide the Indonesian Register’s Office with a Certificate of No Impediment from New Zealand. This is to show that the New Zealand citizen getting married is not already married in New Zealand.

A Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) can only be obtained from the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Division (BDM) of the Department Internal Affairs, Wellington. The application form should be lodged with BDM by Post or Courier to their Wellington address found here: link)  .

The application can be found here: link)

Ensure to follow these steps when completing the application.

  1. Complete and sign the application form for CONI (BDM 189) 
  2. Provide a copy of the details page of the New Zealand passport.
  • If divorced, please provide an original or certified copy of the dissolution of marriage paper.
  • If widowed, please provide an original or certified copy of the death certificate.

 * The fee for CONI is NZ$170, plus bank charges if applicable. Courier fee (the updated information can be found on the form). Payment can be made by Credit Card (information can be found on the form)

* Processing time is 21 working days in NZ, not including postal time.

Apply for Consular Letter for Marriage 

To enable a marriage application of a foreign citizen in Indonesia the Indonesian Register’s Office will also need a letter supplied by the applicant from their Embassy that confirms the details found in the CONI.

For New Zealand citizens, this document (in English & Bahasa) is issued by the New Zealand Embassy in Jakarta or the New Zealand Consulate Offices in Bali and Surabaya. To enable issuing of this letter the following is needed to be undertaken:

Provide the original CONI

  1. Provide a copy of the details page of the New Zealand passport.
  2. Pay the fees for Consular Letter and DHL domestic courier fee.


To obtain a Consular Letter from New Zealand Embassy/Consulate offices in Bali or Surabaya, we do not need the following:

  1. An Apostille/Authentication of the CONI 
  2. An Indonesian translation of the CONI

The fee for Consular Letter is IDR 820,000. The payment should be transferred to the Embassy / NZ Consulate office's account.

If you reside in Jakarta or decided to visit the embassy, an appointment by phone or email is required. If you live out of Jakarta, you can send your documents and transfer the payment to our bank account. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for the complete information.


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