Embassy of Japan

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Contact details

Physical address Level 18, Majestic Centre
100 Willis Street
New Zealand

Postal address PO Box 6340
Marion Square
New Zealand

Other consular contacts

Staff details

His Excellency Mr Koichi Ito, Ambassador (2 February 2021)
Ms Misako Ito 

Mr Tatsushi Nishioka, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission

Colonel Satoshi Yasugi, Defence and Air Attaché [resident in Canberra]

Captain Reona Aso, Naval Attaché [resident in Canberra]

Colonel Yosuke Ota, Army Attaché [resident in Canberra]

Mr Isamu Azechi, First Secretary

Mr Minoru Kirihara, First Secretary
Ms Kassech Getachew Tegegn

Mr Yohei Fujitani, First Secretary
Ms Hiroko Fujitani 

Ms Kumi Matsumoto, First Secretary
Mr Shigeharu Matsumoto

Mr Tetsumi Takahashi, First Secretary

Mr Isami Takada, First Secretary
Ms Kaori Takada

Mr Shin Takada, Second Secretary
Ms Masako Takada

Mr Kei Nagamoto, Second Secretary
Ms Rei Nagamoto

Mr Tomotaka Ishizu, Second Secretary

Mr Satoshi Ihara, Second Secretary
Mrs Erika Ihara

Mr Atsuo Okada, Third Secretary
Ms Mayu Okada

Ms Ayano Miyazaki, Attaché
Mr Toshiya Miyazaki

Ms Noriko Fukui, Administrative and Technical Staff

Ms Manami Kitano, Administrative and Technical Staff


Consulate General, Auckland staff

Mr Shinichi Hamada, Consul-General

Mr Shuichi Hoshi, Consul
Ms Chisato Hoshi

Mr Takahiro Takahashi, Consul
Ms Kaori Takahashi

Mr Hiroshi Watanabe, Consul
Ms Harumi Watanabe

Mr Shodai Takahira, Vice-Consul
Ms Nana Takahira

Ms Momoko Nakahara, Consular Employee

Ms Kana Kobayashi, Consular Employee


Consular Office, Christchurch

Mr Masaya Tanigawa, Consul

Mr Hideharu Nakashima, Consul

Mr Fumihiko Nakagawa, Consul
Ms Ryoko Nakagawa

Ms Yume Sugimoto, Consular Employee



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