Document authentication and apostille certification

If you need to use a New Zealand document in another country, you might have to get it apostilled or authenticated – this is an official government certificate that proves the document is genuine.

Who can authenticate and certify documents

The New Zealand High Commission Canberra and consulates in Australia cannot authenticate documents or provide apostille certification. 

But the authentication section of the New Zealand Government may be able to help. 

Find more information on authentication requirements(external link)

Apply to get your NZ documents apostilled or authenticated(external link)

Consular help with other documents

Witnessing documents

In certain situations, staff at the New Zealand High Commission Canberra and consulates in Australia can witness these documents (for a fee) for use under New Zealand law:

  • affidavits
  • affirmations
  • statutory declarations and other documents

The witnessing must take place on our premises.

Issuing certified copies

Staff can also issue certified copies of New Zealand documents (for a fee). But in many cases, a Justice of the Peace, solicitor, or notary public can provide this service – all are easy to find in Australia. 

Call the New Zealand High Commission Canberra or consulates in Australia to enquire about this service and how much it costs.


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