Living in Israel

Visa requirements for Israel

New Zealand passport holders travelling to Israel for a visit of 90 days or less do not require a visa unless they are travelling for work or study.

On arrival in Israel your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your planned departure from Israel and you must hold an outward travel ticket.

For more information you can contact your nearest Israeli representative. A list of contact details can be found at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs(external link).

Student Visa requirements

For information on student visa requirements for Israel please contact your nearest Israeli Embassy.

If you are already in Israel and wish to become a student you must first get a letter of acceptance from the institution at which you wish to study. You will then need to apply to the Ministry of the Interior, Department of Visas(external link).

Phone: +(02) 763 2534
Fax: +(02) 763 2533


Phone: +(02) 629 0222
Fax: +(02) 629 0297

Work and Residence Visa requirements

For information on work visa and immigration requirements for Israel contact your nearest Israeli embassy(external link).

Working Holiday Scheme

New Zealanders aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a 12-month working holiday visa for Israel.

To apply, you can email or post the application form to the Israeli Embassy in Wellington.

For more information, go to the Embassy of Israel in New Zealand website(external link).

Getting married in Israel

New Zealanders wishing to get married in Israel should contact the Department of Marriages in the Religious Services in Jerusalem.

Phone: +972 2 531 1131
Fax: +972 2652 9221

You can also contact the Israel Department of Internal Affairs in Jerusalem.

Phone: +972 2 629 4666
Fax: +972 2 629 4755


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