Main contact

Physical address

29 Fitzherbert Terrace
Thorndon 6011

Postal address

Embassy of the United States of America
PO Box 1190
Wellington 6140

Tel | +64 4 462 6000

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Fax | +64 4 472 3537

Office hours | Mon-Fri, 8.15 am-5 pm

Staff Details:

His Excellency Mr Scott Brown, Ambassador (28 June 2017)
     Mrs Gail Brown

Mr Kevin Covert, Deputy Chief of Mission
     Mrs Lesya Covert

Mr Demian Smith, Counsellor
     Ms Susanne Sell

Mr Levin Flake, Counsellor (Agriculture) [Resident in Canberra]

Col James McAden, Defence Attaché     
     Mrs Kendis McAden 

Mrs Dolores Prin, First Secretary
     Mr Geoffrey Prin

Mr Nathan Carter, First Secretary
     Ms Sarah Spodek

Ms Sarah Spodek, First Secretary
     Mr Nathan Carter

Mrs Tara Campbell, Second Secretary     
     Mr Brian Campbell

Mrs Rashelle Simonson, Second Secretary

Mr Christopher Cummings, Second Secretary
     Mrs Bitsity Cummings

Mr Jeffrey Cua, Second Secretary

Ms Sarah Quinzio, Second Secretary
     Mr Michael Quinzio

Mr Andrew Hackmann, Second Secretary
     Ms Dana Candell

Mr Timothy Linehan, Second Secretary
     Mrs Carole Linehan

Mr Lawrence McCall, Attaché
     Mrs Natasha Cayenne-McCall

Mr Amos Wetherbee, Attaché (Political)
     Mrs Melissa Wetherbee

Mrs Shenae Manning, Attaché (Political)
     Mr Harold Manning

Mr Peter Gomez, Attaché (Legal) 

Ms Lenore Nash, Attaché
     Mr Brian Pindel

Dr Charles Wright, Attaché (Medical) [Resident in Canberra]

Ms Diane Lopez, Attaché (Defence)

Mr Christopher Summerhill, Attaché (Defence)     
     Mrs Yvonne Summerhill

Mr Michael Powers, Attaché (Defence)
     Mrs Heather Powers

Mr Jim Bing Yang, Attaché (Defence)

Mr Andrew Lake, Attaché (Defence)

Mr Travis Payne-Stinson, Attaché (Defence)
     Mrs Israel Payne-Stinson

Mr Adam Bluth,  Attaché (Security)
     Ms Patricia Bauza

Ms Melanie Backhaus, Attaché   

Mr Terry Vice, Attaché     
     Mrs Leslie Vice

Ms Breonna Claude, Attaché

Mr John Sligh, Attaché
     Mrs Michaela Sligh

Mr Gavin Elliott, Attaché
     Ms Le Chen

Mr Matthew Reilly, Attaché
     Mrs Christine Reilly

Ms April Mitchener, Attaché

Mr Billy McGowan III, Attaché
     Mrs Latonya McGowan

Mr Brendan Molloy, Attaché
     Ms Susy Wendot

Mr Kostas Kosmas, Attaché

Ms Catalina Valdes-Dapena,  Attaché

Ms Mareen Wray, Attaché

Ms Julia Pallozzi-Ruhm, Attaché
     Mr Thomas Pallas

Mr Jeffrey Simpliciano, Attaché
     Mrs Traci Simpliciano

Mr Mitchell Lopez, Attaché
     Mrs Carmen Lopez

Mr Morgan-William Shamblee, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Zackary Boyer, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Carlos Caro, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Andrew Ohland, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Orlando Millord Espinoza, Administrative and Technical Staff