Our relationship with Wallis and Futuna

New Zealand and the Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands have limited official contact, but good shipping links between the two countries mean New Zealand exporters have a strong presence in that small market. 

As well as its three main islands, Wallis and Futuna has 20 islets and covers a total land area of 274 square kilometres. Its nearest neighbour is Samoa.

Wallis and Futuna is an 'overseas collectivity' of France. It has its own Territorial Assembly with legislative authority over a limited range of local matters. The country is divided into three kingdoms: Uvea (Wallis Island), Sigave (Futuna Island) and Alo (Alofi Island). Wallis and Futuna is largely dependent on France for its income. France finances the public sector, health and education services as well as key development projects in infrastructure, environmental management, health facilities and economic development.


Only 20% of the 11,700 population is in paid employment, and 70% of employment is in the public sector. Many people from Wallis and Futuna, particularly those aged 18-30, move to New Caledonia for better work prospects.


March 2018 Statistics

Total trade in goods 

NZD $8.3 million


Exports to Wallis and Futuna

NZD $5.8 million

Top exports: dairy products, meat, and wood

Imports from Wallis and Futuna

NZD $2.5 million

Top imports: mineral fuels, oils and machinery

While Wallis and Futuna is a small market for New Zealand, our exporters enjoy a strong presence there because of good shipping links. 


New Zealand's aid activities in Wallis and Futuna focus on education, with short-term training scholarships for English language study, technical training or workplace training. The funding is administered by the New Zealand Consulate-General in New Caledonia which also manages a modest aid programme for the French Pacific Territories (Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and New Caledonia).


Recent official visits

Wallis and Futuna to New Zealand
  • November 2016: Mikaele Kulimoetoke, President of the Territorial Assembly, represented Wallis and Futuna at the Pacific Parliamentary Forum held in New Zealand
  • 2007: A group of Wallis and Futuna teachers visited New Zealand to investigate teaching methods at kohanga reo (Māori language pre-schools)

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