Kimberley Process

Exporters of rough diamonds from New Zealand must apply for a Kimberley Process Certificate (KPC).

Permission to export rough diamonds

Exports of rough diamonds from New Zealand are subject to the provisions of the United Nations Sanctions (Kimberley Process) Regulations 2004: Order in Council 2004/463 pursuant to the United Nations Act 1946.

The need to control these exports reflects New Zealand’s commitment, as a participant in the Kimberley Process, to establish an international scheme of certification for rough diamonds. This helps break the link between armed conflict and the trade in rough diamonds.

So, all shipments of rough diamonds exported from New Zealand must be accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Rough diamonds subject to the Kimberley Process are diamonds that are unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted and fall under the New Zealand Harmonized System Classification codes of 7102.10.00, 7102.21.00 and 7102.31.00.

Application process

To apply for a Kimberley Process Certificate, complete the application form and send it to the address below with photo identification (for individuals) or company registration details (for companies). It must include:

  • proof of origin of the rough diamonds being exported including:
    • date of import into New Zealand, and total metric carat
    • weight of the shipment, the Kimberley Process Certificate that accompanied the shipment, and the Customs Import Entry Number; or
    • documentary evidence which allows the diamond's origin to be established.

Once we've approved the application, we'll issue a Kimberley Process Certificate and note this on the purchase receipt. If the application is unsuccessful, we'll write and explain why. Applicants must then fix or change their application within a time we consider reasonable, or we may reject the application.

For Kimberley Process Certificate holders, we may review the right to hold the certificate and revoke it if necessary.

Send completed application forms to:

Divisional Manager - Middle East and Africa Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Private Bag 18901

For any queries concerning export procedures, phone (04) 439 8000 or email


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