Using the Agreement

Exporters trading in goods

Hong Kong is currently duty-free so there are no tariffs on exports to the territory.

A good imported into New Zealand from Hong Kong, China is treated as an originating good if it:

  • is wholly obtained or produced in Hong Kong, China; or
  • is produced entirely in Hong Kong, China exclusively from originating materials from New Zealand or Hong Kong, China or from both countries; or,
  • is produced in Hong Kong, China using non-originating materials that conform to a change in tariff classification requirement, a regional value content requirement or other requirements as specified in Annex 1 to Chapter 4 (Product Specific Rules of Origin) of the NZ–HKC CEP;

and, the good meets all the other applicable provisions of Chapter 4 of the NZ–HKC CEP.

Refer to the Customs Rules of Origin Fact Sheet #45(external link) for more information.

Service sector exporters

Use Chapter 13 of the CEP and its Annex 1 [PDF, 1 MB](external link) to learn:

  • agreed rules for trade in services
  • how your service is classified and defined
  • which articles of the agreement (obligations) are relevant to your service e.g. national treatment, local presence, market access

Read an overview of what the CEP means for service sector businesses in Chapter nine of the MFAT Guide to the CEP.(external link)


There is no investment chapter in this free trade agreement, however, there is a bilateral IPPA with Hong Kong China.


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