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Application for the New Zealand Embassy Fund (China and Mongolia) for 2023-2024 Round 2 is currently closed.

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New Zealand Embassy Fund (China and Mongolia)


The New Zealand Embassy Fund (China and Mongolia) is a fund managed by the New Zealand Embassy in China primarily for community groups and NGOs in China.

The New Zealand Embassy Fund is managed by the New Zealand Embassy in China and is aimed at community groups and non-governmental organisation (NGOs).

The Fund aims to support small, short-term social projects that contribute to the welfare development of the wider community. Projects must be consistent with the New Zealand Aid programme’s mission of promoting sustainable development in developing countries, in order to reduce poverty and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous world. 


The Fund is aimed primarily at community groups and NGOs but other types of organisations e.g. schools, business associations may apply.

Please note the following entities/projects are ineligible for the Fund:

  • Government organisations;
  • Individual businesses;
  • Political, religious or evangelical activities;
  • Site visits (including summer/winter camps);
  • Unsolicited donations;
  • Individual student scholarships;
  • International airfares / overseas conference attendance;
  • On-going (recurrent) funding of recipients’ operational / organisational costs such as wages and salaries, office items and communications.

How long

No individual project will be supported for longer than two years.  Supporting different projects by the same partner over a longer duration is possible.

For further information contact:

2 Ritan Dongerjie
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100600
Telephone: 0086 - 10 - 8532 7000


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