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Driving in Malaysia

For information on driving in Malaysia on a New Zealand licence, please contact the Road Transport Department Malaysia(external link) (JPJ).

Emergency contact numbers

  • Civil Defence Department emergency number 999
  • Fire brigade emergency number 999
  • Malaysian General Emergency Service (MERS), previously allocated to police 999
  • Fire brigade 994

To call an ambulance anywhere in Malaysia dial 999. The same number applies also to the police. To call the fire brigade dial 994. The Malaysian government, through the Ministry of Health, is the main provider of ambulance services in Malaysia.

For further information please visit "Just landed(external link)".

New Zealand clubs, societies and social networks

Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (MNZCC)

The Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce(external link) (MNZCC) is a private, non-profit organisation that was formed in 1992 with the objective to help businesses in Malaysia, with a New Zealand connection, to benefit through their association with each other. The MNZCC is centred on Kuala Lumpur with chapter offices in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Malaysia-Australia-New Zealand Association (MANZA)

MANZA aims to support its new members in settling into life in Kuala Lumpur and provide all our members with lots of opportunities to get involved in social activities and events.  Getting involved with MANZA(external link) is a great way to meet new people and many lasting friendships have been formed between our members.

Getting married in Malaysia

We are not able advise on all aspects of the local requirements/process for getting married in Malaysia. We recommend you check the National Registration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs(external link) as this is the local authority in this area.

We can however advise that a “Certificate of No Impediment” will be required.  You can apply for this from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs(external link) and it takes about 3 weeks to process.

If the country where you are entering into a marriage requires it, Births, Deaths and Marriages can issue a 'Certificate of No Impediment' showing that a search of the registers has found no lawful impediment to the marriage. There is a fee for this service. Please contact DIA with the details of the country in which you will be entering into a marriage for the relevant fee.

To get a Certificate of No Impediment to a marriage you will need to complete the form Application for Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage or Civil Union (BDM 189) and send it to Births, Deaths and Marriages with the appropriate fee.

If both parties to the marriage need a Certificate of No Impediment (for example, if both have lived in New Zealand), a separate form must be completed by each party and a separate fee paid.

If you have been previously married or in a civil union (including if you have had a previous marriage or civil union dissolved outside of New Zealand) you will also need to send a copy of your Order of Dissolution (or Divorce). Do not send the original version of the Order.

If you were not born in New Zealand, and if you have been granted New Zealand citizenship, you will also need to send a copy of your citizenship certificate.

A Certificate of No Impediment to an intended marriage will not be issued less than 14 days from the date of receipt of the application. If your certificate requires legalisation you should allow six weeks for processing.

For marriages in some countries the Certificate of No Impediment must be endorsed by the representative of that country in Wellington before despatch. The fee for this service is in addition to the fee for the certificate. The endorsement may be arranged on your behalf by Births, Deaths and Marriages. Please contact DIA  with the details of the country in which you will be entering into a marriage for the relevant fee. Additional time of at least two weeks or more should be allowed for the endorsement.


Malaysia does not hold any reciprocal medical care agreements with other countries. Tourists and other visitors to Malaysia, who do not have a Malaysian residence, would have to cover all their own costs. The costs can be very high and the private clinics require immediate payments, so it is highly recommended to take out travel insurance.


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