Marriage in Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand (Information for New Zealand Citizens)

For each person who is getting married and who is a foreign national, the a local Amphur or Khet (Thai District Office) requires a statutory declaration which has to be completed at the Embassy.

Please contact the Amphur (Thai District office) where you intend to register your marriage to find out their requirements.

A ceremony is not required as part of the legal marriage procedure in Thailand.

There are 4 Steps to getting legally married in Thailand, outlined below for you.

Step 1: Statutory Declaration

You must come to the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok, in person, to complete the statutory declaration form, and bring with you:

  • Your New Zealand passport
  • Details of 2 referees who are not family - their street addresses and full names; the street address should not be a Thai address
  • Statutory Declaration fee of 1,700 THB payable by bank transfer
  • Additional fee of 800 THB for certifying a document

If previously married, the Order Dissolving the Marriage (Divorce Certificate) or death certificate will be required.

We understand that Thai Authorities also require a copy of your NZ passport certified by Embassy.

Notarial services will be available by appointment only at: New Zealand Embassy M Thai Tower 14th Floor, All Seasons Place, Wireless Road, Bangkok. Phone: +66 2254 2530. Click here to make an appointment.

Step 2: Translation

Get your documents translated into Thai. This can be done at any translation service. The Embassy cannot recommend any particular translation agent. Translation services are located near the Embassy and also near the Consular Affairs Department which you need to go to for Step 3.

Step 3: Legalisation

After the documents have been translated they must be legalised by the Thai Consular Affairs.

*‘Legalising’ is the act of matching the NZ Embassy staff signature on the Statutory Declaration with specimen signatures held on their records. You can expect to pay an application fee (currently between 200 to 800 Baht per document) and that it can take up to 2 days to process. However this is only a guide of what you can expect, the New Zealand Embassy cannot give you confirmation about how long it will take or the final cost.

Step 4: Registration of Marriage (Last step)

To register your Marriage, you can go to any Thai registration office, which is referred to as a "Khet" office within the Bangkok area, however for outside of Bangkok they are referred to as a “Ampur” office.  A list of some Khet/Amphur offices is available from the Embassy on request.


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