Criminal record

Before moving to Australia, New Zealand citizens with a criminal record need to organise a few things to be allowed to enter the country.

Written confirmation needed to enter Australia

New Zealand citizens planning to travel, live, or work in Australia, who have criminal convictions, must get written confirmation that they will be allowed to enter Australia from the Australian Department of Home Affairs before traveling. You may also be required to apply for a specific visa.

It doesn’t matter how long ago your convictions were, or whether they have been removed from government records – you still need written confirmation.

Find out how to do this and get more information on travelling to Australia with a criminal conviction(external link)..

If convicted of a crime in Australia

If a New Zealander is convicted of a crime while living in Australia, or Australian authorities assess that a New Zealander is not meeting the relevant character requirements, their visa can be cancelled and they can be deported.


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