New areas of cooperation

The upgraded NZ-China free trade agreement remains leading edge with new chapters in cooperation on competition policy, e-commerce, government procurement and environment and trade.

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Competition policy

A new chapter on competition policy will be added to the agreement. This will demonstrate New Zealand and China’s shared commitment to building efficient, rules-based markets in which our businesses and consumers can trade confidently and fairly. The chapter is comprehensive, requiring both New Zealand and China to be transparent, non-discriminatory and fair in enforcing competition law. The chapter also provides for consumer protection.

This chapter will encourage cooperation between competition authorities and require information to be publically available.   


The upgrade will include a new chapter on e-commerce that promotes and facilitates e-commerce, including through creating obligations on transparency, online consumer protection, and personal information protection.

New Zealand and China have agreed to maintain the current practice of not imposing customs duties on electronic transmissions.

The chapter also includes cooperation provisions to promote the use of e-commerce by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the development of cross border e-commerce goods trade.

Government procurement  

A new government procurement chapter adds commitments on transparency and anti-corruption. The chapter also includes a commitment by China to enter into negotiations with New Zealand once it completes its accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Agreement on government procurement or if it were to negotiate such provisions with another country.

Environment and trade

A new chapter will be added to the agreement to promote environmental protection and that environmental standards are not used for trade protectionist purposes. It builds upon and complements the existing environment cooperation agreement that was negotiated alongside the original free trade agreement. The chapter also provides for New Zealand and China to engage on a range of environment issues. 



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