Call for Objections to Amended Versions of Certain Names Proposed for Protection as Geographical Indications in New Zealand

We called for submissions in December 2022 on the EU's amended versions of names proposed by the EU for protection as geographical indications in New Zealand. Consultation closed on 24 February 2023.


A geographical indication (GI) is a name that identifies a product as originating in a territory, region, area or locality in that territory where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the product is essentially attributable to its geographical origin.

New Zealand concluded negotiation of a free trade agreement with the European Union (NZ-EU FTA) on 30 June 2022.

As part of the negotiated outcome, New Zealand will provide GI protection to a list of EU GIs for wine, spirits and other products.

New Zealand called for submissions on the list of names the EU proposed for protection in December 2018 and again in April 2022 in relation to amendments made to certain names.

From  30 June 2022, the parties undertook legal verification of the negotiated text, including the lists of GIs to be protected under the NZ-EU FTA. As part of that process the EU notified New Zealand of changes that need to be made to certain EU names listed in the negotiated text to ensure those names match the equivalent EU registrations of those names. 

We called for submissions on the amended versions of these names listed in the Annex below.

Anyone (except those established or resident in a Member State of the European Union) who has an interest in the use within New Zealand of any of the names in the list of amended names was invited to provide a substantiated objection to the recognition and protection of any such amended name as a geographical indication in New Zealand.

The information received from this consultation informed decisions as to whether these amended names are included in the NZ-EU FTA.


Amended Versions of Certain Names Proposed for Protection as Geographical Indications in New Zealand.

Proposed Name (as amended by the EU) EU Member State Category of good Name a previously advertised
Χάνδακας – Candia (transliteration into Latin alphabet: Handakas)   Greece Wines Χάνδακας (transliteration into Latin alphabet: Handakas)
Côtes de la Charité France Wines Coteaux Charitois
Sable de Camargue France Wines Sables du Golfe du Lion
Contea di Sclafani/ Valledolmo – Contea di Sclafani Italy Wines Contea di Sclafani
Montecompatri Colonna/ Montecompatri / Colonna Italy Wines Montecompatri / Montecompatri Colonna
Name EU Member State Category of good (as amended by the EU) Category of good as previously advertised
Μαστιχέλαιο Χίου (transliteration into Latin alphabet: Mastichelaio Chiou) Greece Essential oils Gums and natural resins


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