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We want to help New Zealand exporters to succeed in international markets. If you’re experiencing issues with exporting, find out below which government agency can help you.

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It's important to find the right type of capital or finance arrangement that best suits your needs. New Zealand government agencies can give advice and some forms of assistance.

Capital finance

Capital finance - sourcing

There are all sorts of ways you can raise capital for your business without giving away equity. NZTE has more advice.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, and want to find out about securing investment, read more at

Co-investment opportunities

If you are an NZTE customer company, you may be able to access capital through its international growth fund.

Grant funding

If you are in the technology sector and want to find out about grants, contact Callaghan Innovation. It provides technical and scientific expertise, impartial advice, skills development, access to industry networks, and grant funding.

Trade finance and risk management

If you require financial support to deliver on export contracts, the New Zealand Export Credit Office may be able to help. It complements and works in partnership with the private sector.

Export credit guarantee

An export credit guarantee covers credits or loans greater than one year, provided to your foreign buyer. It covers the risk of your buyer or a foreign bank failing to make its repayments as they fall due.

Contract bond

A contract bond is a financial guarantee that protects your buyer from losses if you fail to properly perform your contractual obligations. A general contract bond guarantee is provided to your bank or bond provider to help you provide bonds without tying up additional credit facilities.

Loan guarantee

A loan guarantee helps you access additional loan facilities from your bank to help you fund export contracts. It provides security to your bank which allows them to lend you additional finance.

Pre-credit insurance

If your exports have a long production period or you produce custom-made products then you may be exposed to losses if your buyer cancels or is unable to honour your contract prior to delivery. Pre-credit insurance covers your production costs, net of your profit margin and any advance payments which you cannot recoup if your buyer cancels your contract.

Short-term trade credit

A short-term trade credit product covers the risk of a foreign buyer or foreign bank failing to make short-term credit payments for your exports as agreed. It can be provided directly or as top-up cover.

Surety bond guarantee

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you may experience difficulty obtaining surety bonds because you are unlikely to be known by the offshore surety bond issuers, nor able to meet their minimum financial criteria. The New Zealand Export Credit Office has indemnity arrangements with several licensed surety bond providers, which may enable you to access surety bonds required for Federal or State funded projects in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico or the US Pacific Territories.


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