The following certificates and printouts are issued by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) Births, Deaths & Marriages (external link). Note that a printout is not acceptable for official purposes and cannot be used in the same way as a certificate. A printout is a copy of the information from the original registration and is often used by genealogists.

Complete the appropriate application form and send directly to BDM. The New Zealand Embassy does not issue these documents.

Obtaining certificates
Obtaining certificates

1. New Zealand Birth Certificate (BDM 93B) (external link) Extrait d'acte de naissance

It is advisable to order an official translation  as well as an apostille, even if the French authorities haven't (yet) requested these.

  • Delay approx. 2 weeks

2. New Zealand Marriage or Civil Union Certificate (BDM 93M or 93C) (external link) Extrait d'acte de mariage ou de PACS néo-zélandais

  • Delay approx. 2 weeks

3. New Zealand Death Certificate (BDM 93D) (external link) Extrait d'acte de décès

  • Delay approx. 2 weeks

4. Certificate of No Impediment to a Marriage or a Civil Union of a New Zealand citizen in another country (BDM 189) (external link) Certificat de célibat pour un mariage ou un PACS

States that, following a search of New Zealand registers, no lawful impediment to a marriage or a civil union has been found. Issued by BDM after a minimum legal two week stand-down period from receipt of application. It is advisable to also order an official translation  as well as an apostille, even if the French authorities haven't (yet) requested these.

For civil unions in France (PACS), a Certificate of No Impediment to a Civil Union (CONI) is needed to fulfil the 'no lawful impediment' aspect of the certificat de coutûme requested by the Mairie.

You may, confusingly, also get asked for an attestation de non-délivrance de certificat de célibat. The NZ Embassy cannot issue such a document because a CONI can be obtained from New Zealand.

  • Delay 3-5 weeks

5. Translations (external link)

You can order a translation of the above document(s) from BDM's Translation Agency  (external link). These translations are recognised by the French administration.

Quotes for translations of other types of documents can also be requested. 

Alternatively, translations can be obtained in France from an official translator (external link) (traducteur agréé).

6. Apostille  (external link) Authentification/Légalisation

French administration often requires foreign documents to be authenticated/legalised. Apostille certification (external link)will satisfy this requirement.

Prior to ordering your documents, ask the Mairie or other relevant French authority if authentication is required, as an apostille can only be obtained from the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.

Complete and send the apostille certification form with your document and translation applications.

If you already have your New Zealand document, an e-apostille can be obtained instead.

7. New Zealand Divorce or Dissolution of a Civil Union Order

For information on how to obtain a copy of your divorce papers or dissolution order, contact the Family Court (external link) at which your divorce/dissolution was processed.

If the marriage and divorce both occurred in New Zealand, the details will be added as an endorsement to the marriage entry and will appear on any subsequently-issued marriage certificate.

8. Statement of Criminal Record/Attestation tenant lieu de casier judiciare

New Zealand does not issue the equivalent of the French casier judiciaire n°3, however the New Zealand Ministry of Justice can issue a copy of your criminal record to you or to a third party.

Requests must be made on the application form on the New Zealand Ministry of Justice (external link) website.


The following services can be obtained directly from the New Zealand Embassy in Paris: 

9. Certificate of Consent to Marry/Certificat de coûtume

States simply that a New Zealand citizen who is older than 18 years is free to marry or enter into a civil union without the consent of any other person. The certificate is only issued in French and is not nominative.

New Zealanders intending to enter into a Civil Union (PACS) in France should also obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to a Civil Union  as the Certificat de Coûtume issued by the Embassy does not provide applicant-specific marital status information.

Send/email a copy of the biodata page of your NZ passport, proof of payment and a return address. Important: if your name is not on the mailbox, include one that is or the letter will not be delivered. (e.g. John Jones chez M. et Mme Dupont).

  • Delay: within one week
  • Fee: 50 €
  • Proof of payment

10. Certified True Copy of a New Zealand Document/Certifié conforme à l'original

Note: a certified true copy is not authentication.

We are only able to certify as a true copy an original document which we have sighted.

  • Call 01 4501 4341 for an appointment
  • Original document(s) required
  • Fee: 25 €
  • Proof of payment

11. Witnessing of Signature, Affidavits, Affirmations and Statutory Declarations

Document to be signed and/or sworn in front of a Commonwealth representative (as defined by section 10 of the Oaths and Declaration Act, 1957). Note we are not able to provide notarial services for a power of attorney.

  • Call 01 4501 4341 for an appointment
  • Original of document to be witnessed/sworn
  • Photo ID (passport) of the applicant (signatory)
  • Fee: 50 €
  • Proof of payment

12. Embassy bank account

Payment for services 9, 10 and 11 above can be made by either electronic bank transfer to the NZ Embassy Paris account or by a Euro currency personal cheque issued by a French bank. Credit cards and cash are not accepted.  

If paying by bank transfer, please follow these instructions:

a. Embassy bank account details

  • New Zealand Embassy
  • IBAN: FR76 1168 9007 0000 6573 3301 862 

b. In your online bank payment reference field, please enter the New Zealand applicant's name and not the payer's name, if different. Please make payment at least two working days before your appointment.

c. Send an email to once payment has been made, stating:

  • Your name and bank name
  • The service you have requested
  • The amount and date of your payment