Banking in Italy

No New Zealand banks operate in Italy. Certain banks in Italy do however have correspondent banks in New Zealand, mainly ANZ and BNZ.

Internet banking has meant huge improvements for New Zealanders trying to maintain their financial affairs in New Zealand while overseas. Arrange for this facility with your bank.

Emergency Funds and Cash

While it is not possible to change New Zealand dollars cash in Italian public banks, it is possible at Thomas Cook or Travelex or other private exchange offices. In an emergency, family and friends can transfer money to you through Western Union(external link) or Thomas Cook. Transfers through a bank are possible but take much longer.

ATMs also allow for limited cash withdrawals for those with this facility on their EFT-POS or credit cards.

Tourist bank accounts

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Although we would recommend using an ATM card to retrieve money from a New Zealand account, given banking in Italy is not simple, it is possible to open a tourist account in Euros (foreign account) with certain banks such as Banca Nazionale del Lavoro(external link), Imi San Paolo(external link), Unicredit(external link) and Deutsche Bank(external link). You will not be issued with a cheque book but you can withdraw money already deposited in your account. It is possible prior to departure from New Zealand to have a fixed amount of money sent by way of international transfer to a given agency of a bank. The transfer must be in Euros. You will require a valid New Zealand passport and cash to open an account.

Temporary resident accounts

Once a temporary resident has obtained their permit to stay in Italy, be it as a student, a working holiday maker or a worker you should obtain a tax number called codice fiscale (external link)and with these two documents, and your passport it is possible to open a bank account in Euros only. You will require cash to open such an account or a telegraphic transfer to that particular bank. This type of account is called a “conto non residenti".

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