Character or Police certificates

New Zealand citizens in Italy and in our countries of accreditation are often asked to present police clearance or character certificates to local authorities for residence, temporary permit or citize

New Zealand Embassies/Consulates are not authorised to issue police clearance or character certificates. The Police are, however, authorised to provide some information to any Embassy, Consulate, Immigration Service or approved body for the reasons above, provided you have authorised, in writing, the release of the information.

All requests must:

  • Be made in writing, specifying that law enforcement information is required and the reason for requesting (eg for a visa, work permits, permanent residence or acquisition of another citizenship). Requests should include your full name, maiden/former/alternative names, date and place of birth, sex, nationality and current address
  • Be accompanied by a written authority, signed by you, authorising the New Zealand Police to disclose information about yourself to a nominated government authority
  • Contain the name and address of the foreign government authority to which the police clearance should be sent

If specifically requested by a foreign authority, your record can be forwarded to a New Zealand Embassy, provided you have authorised in writing the release of your personal information. The Embassy is then able to pass that information to the nominated government authority.

Requests by individuals for personal information on themselves stored on the New Zealand Law Enforcement System can be obtained through the Ministry of Justice(external link).

Some authorities will require official translations and apostille.

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