Entering and staying in Italy

The conditions under which New Zealand passport holders can travel to and stay in Italy are matters for the appropriate Italian authorities.

The New Zealand Embassy in Rome is not responsible for giving out information about visas for New Zealanders wishing to travel or stay in Italy be it for a visit, work or study, nor can the Embassy make representations on your behalf to the local authorities.

Unless you plan to visit Italy as a tourist using the Schengen zone ninety days visa free period, a New Zealand citizen wishing to visit, study or work in Italy must first apply for the appropriate visa from the Italian Embassy in Wellington(external link) or their nearest Italian Embassy(external link).

It is your responsibility to ensure your stay is covered by an appropriate entry visa and permit. It is a sensible precaution to take photocopies of your visa/permit in case your passport is lost or stolen. The transfer of visas and permits into a new New Zealand passport can only be undertaken by the appropriate local authority.
General information on permits to stay (permesso di soggiorno) can be found on the Italian State Police website(external link). When you arrive in Italy, you should apply for a permit within 8 working days at your nearest questura(external link).

It is not usually possible to obtain a work permit if you are already in Italy on a visitor’s visa. In almost all cases, you will need to leave Italy and apply for a work visa from your country of residence, whether this be New Zealand or any other country where you currently reside.

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