Healthcare in Italy

Italy ranks among the top 10 countries for health care according to the World Health Organisation.

New Zealand does not have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Italy or any of our other countries of accreditation. Private health insurance is therefore required for emergency (average costs for a 7 day hospitalisation are approx Euro 3500), and non-emergency treatment from a GP or dentist. You will normally have to pay for services rendered, as well as any medicines you need. Doctors’ fees are generally higher than in New Zealand.

Living permanently in Italy

If you are legally a permanent resident in Italy, or have a temporary permit of a year or more, healthcare may be available under the Italian National Health Service (known as ASL). You must apply for the service and pay a yearly contribution if you are independent or monthly contribution if you are employed. Treatments are not all free of charge unless part of hospitalisation. Many medicines and all dental treatment, glasses and medical appliances are paid for by the patient.

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