Notarial Services

The New Zealand Embassy in Madrid can provide the following notarial services.

These services are primarily for New Zealand citizens and will only be provided to non-New Zealanders when the documents are intended for use in New Zealand. Please note it is necessary to make an appointment and we do not have the facility to take cash.  Payment must be made via a bank transfer prior to the service.

Certified true copy of a document

Documents required: Original document

Fee: 30,00 €

Note: a certified true copy is not authentication(external link) of a document.

Witnessing signatures on documents

Documents required: Original document to be witnessed and your New Zealand passport

Fee: 60,00 €

We recommend sending the document that requires witnessing to  After reviewing the document, we will contact you to confirm whether we can provide this notarial service.  We are not able to witness signatures on a power of attorney.

Certificado de Solteria

Documents required: the original Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (with the Apostille Certificate)

Fee: 60,00 €

Certificate on the publication of "edicts"

Documents required: New Zealand passport

We can issue a certificate in Spanish that states this is not a requirement in New Zealand

Fee: 60,00 €

Taking of an affidavit, affirmation or declaration

Documents required: New Zealand passport

Fee: 60,00 €

Verification of Spanish Foreign Ministry signatures

Documents required: Original document, duly signed by the Spanish Foreign Ministry

Fee: 90,00 €

Translation of original documents

Documents can be translated by the Department of Internal Affairs (external link) in New Zealand, or alternatively, a list of sworn translators in Spain can be found on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website(external link).

Notarial fees as of 1 July 2021.


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