Export controls and the Treaty / Te Tiriti

In accordance with the Assessment Criteria, the Export Controls team will consider any Māori interest that may exist in relation to an export control application and how that may best be protected. 

What kind of Māori interests might there be in Export Controls?

While it is for Māori to say what the interests are, and how they may best be protected, the types of interests that we consider may be engaged in the export controls regime include:

  • A mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) interest, which might be engaged in a situation where mātauranga has been used in the development of a technology the subject of an export controls application;
  • Māori trade and export interests such as those of Māori businesses seeking to export goods; and
  • Māori intellectual property.

The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office has a useful section on their website on understanding and registering Māori intellectual property (IP).(external link)

We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you if there are Māori interests impacted by the Export Controls regime, whether that is in a specific export or more generally. 

We are keen to hear from Māori in relation to the Export Controls regime. We invite anyone to contact us and let us know of Māori interests that you think may be related to the Export Controls regime.   

If you are an exporter and you are aware of a Māori interest in your export get in contact with the Export Controls team.  We are available for a conversation on Māori interests at any stage in your exporting journey, and we encourage you to reach out to us as early as possible.

What happens once MFAT becomes aware of a Māori interest in a controlled export?

When assessing an export permit application, the Export Controls team will consider any identified Māori interest that may exist in relation to an export control application, how that may best be protected, and weigh it with the interests within the other assessment criteria.

What if I wish to discuss a Māori interest in exports which sits outside the Export Controls regime?

 MFAT engages with Māori on a wide range of trade interests, reaching beyond the scope of the Export Controls Regime. Learn about MFAT’s Māori engagement.

 It may be that a Māori interest in exports you identify is addressed by a different government department.  For example, before a protected New Zealand object including taonga tūturu, can be exported from New Zealand permission must be granted by the Chief Executive of Manatū Taonga the Ministry for Culture and Heritage(external link) - For a full list of New Zealand’s controls on exports, and the related legislation and authority see: Export Prohibitions and restrictions (customs.govt.nz)(external link).


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