How do I use my export permit?

Using your permit - Customs etc

The export permit is specific to you as the named exporter, and must not be used by another exporter.

If you are taking the goods out of the country with you as accompanying luggage and making no export entry, you should carry the permit with you, to present to Customs on request.

If the goods are being exported other than as accompanying luggage, a copy of the export permit is to be provided to your freight forwarder, with the instruction that they are to:

  • input the permit number into the permit field on Trade Single Window (whether or not the system prompts), and
  • upload a copy of the permit onto Trade Single Window. 

Trade Single Window(external link) is the Customs/MPI system which captures all import and export data. 

If the goods are not exported for any reason after the entry has been lodged, you must advise the freight forwarder to either cancel the entry, in order that the permit can be used at a later date, or to amend the same entry to reflect the revised export date / craft details. A single use permit can be used to facilitate one export consignment only.

MFAT may contact you to confirm details of the export after the goods have been exported, so you should retain your export entry number (your Trade Single Window number for the consignment) in your records.

Record keeping (for general consents)

In addition to statutory requirements for record keeping, for general consents, where exporters are not required to provide six-monthly reports, then they must keep records for each shipment as follows:

  • the name and address of the end-user
  • the name and address of the intermediate consignee, if there is one
  • the date of shipment of the goods
  • the number and description of items exported

Amendment and renewal 

You can request to amend a current permit. If for any reason your export has been delayed you can apply for an extension before the expiry date.   Email the request to us and attach a copy of the permit that you want to be amended.

If you wish to amend a general consent, or a permit that has expired you must do this by submitting a new application.

Email the Export Controls team(external link)

There are penalties for non-compliance

Individuals and/or companies who unlawfully attempt to export or import controlled goods without a permit or licence or who fail to comply with a term or condition of a permit or licence may be fined or imprisoned under the Customs and Excise Act 2018(external link).

Individual penalties

For an individual, penalties can be a fine of up to $20,000 or an amount equal to three times the value of the goods or imprisonment for up to 6 months.

Company penalties

For a company, penalties can be a fine up to $100,000 or an amount equal to three times the value of the goods.
More detail on penalties can be found in section 388 (external link)(external link)(external link) and section 389 (external link)(external link)(external link) of the Customs and Excise Act 2018. 

Documentation required by other countries

Find out more here.


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