How is my application assessed?

Each application is assessed on a case by case basis.

First, we verify a permit is needed

The Export Controls team will first verify that your export is controlled and not subject to exemptions. If you do not need a permit we will let you know.

We may seek more information where necessary

As part of the assessment process, we may need to supplement the information you provided us in your permit application. 

Where the goods to be exported and the export destination are well understood we aim to make decision on whether the application will be approved or declined within within ten working days.

For more complex applications the Export Controls team will seek input from regional experts within MFAT's international divisions.  This may include input from staff at post in in overseas embassies, and their local contacts.  We may also reach out to other agencies within New Zealand and internationally.  

If your application is more complex, or if it is missing information we need, we will be in contact to talk about what further detail or documentation you may be able to provide.  Complex applications include those where the destination of the export is difficult, the exported items are difficult, or there may be potential issues around entities receiving them.

We use six criteria to make an assessment

At the same time as we gather information, we begin our assessment.  This assessment is based on the following six criteria.

Where necessary, we consult with senior officials and Ministers

The Export Controls team may determine that the decision on whether to issue a permit requires consultation with MFAT senior officials.  In some cases Ministers will be consulted or informed.

Where this occurs we will generally contact you and talk you through what is happening.  Exporters have told us in the past that they appreciate the assurance that comes with having issues considered at the highest levels.  Only a small number of applications involve issues that need to be escalated, however when this occurs it is likely to extend the amount of time it takes to make decision on your permit. 


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