How the Agreement works

Mechanisms in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) provide for on-going engagement between the 11 Parties and the settlement of disputes.

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The CPTPP includes agreement to form a Commission which will meet at Ministerial or senior official level. The Commission's role will include reviewing the economic relationship among the Parties on a regular basis, and supervising the work of committees and working groups established under the Agreement.

Dispute settlement

CPTPP contains a consultation and dispute settlement mechanism to resolve disputes that result from the interpretation and application of the CPTPP. This allows New Zealand to seek to enforce obligations against the other Parties. Conversely, New Zealand may be held to account if we do not fulfil our obligations.

The mechanism requires Parties to make every attempt to resolve disputes through cooperation and consultations before resorting to a request for the establishment of a dispute settlement panel.

The CPTPP also contains an Investor-State dispute settlement mechanism

What is New Zealand's role in CPTPP?

New Zealand is named as the Depositary of CPTPP. As Depositary, New Zealand is responsible for various tasks including receiving and circulating specified notifications and requests made under the Agreement.


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