Benefits of PACER Plus

PACER Plus benefits the Pacific region and provides new opportunities for NZ exporters.

Benefits for Pacific Island countries

PACER Plus aims to boost sustainable economic development and contribute to a more stable and resilient Pacific region. It will help to drive economic growth, including creating jobs, higher incomes and more opportunities for people. 

For Pacific Island countries, PACER Plus will:

  • present new exporting opportunities
  • attract increased investment
  • provide more trade-related development assistance
  • facilitate greater people movement across the region.

It will support Pacific Island countries to enhance their trading capacity into regional and global markets – to grow faster, innovate and improve productivity.

Watch a video about the Benefits of PACER Plus for Pacific signatories.


Benefits for New Zealand businesses

PACER Plus improves the business environment in the Pacific region for exporters and investors across a wide range of sectors.

For New Zealand businesses, PACER Plus will:

  • improve market access
  • provide greater consistency, certainty and transparency trading in the Pacific region
  • generate opportunities to invest or partner with Pacific businesses.

Trade highlights

Key trade benefits of PACER Plus include:

  • more consistent and transparent trading rules throughout the region on sanitary and phytosanitary measures, technical barriers to trade, and customs procedures
  • more liberal and product-specific rules of origin
  • a more stable and predictable environment for foreign investment
  • greater certainty around tariffs for exporters provided through transparency requirements and online trade portals
  • a more mobile labour force in the region under the Labour Mobility Arrangement.


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