Using PACER Plus

Information on how to use the free trade agreement.

Trade in Goods, Rules of Origin and Customs

PACER Plus creates greater certainty for New Zealand goods exporters trading in the region. This includes:

  • securing most-favoured-nation treatment on 100 percent of New Zealand goods exports to PACER Plus countries
  • binding and elimination outcomes on many products of export interest to New Zealand
  • more liberal and product specific rules of origin, which reduces compliance costs
  • enhanced customs commitments, which should simplify customs procedures and reduce the cost of trade.

Tariff Reductions

To qualify for the reductions in tariffs under the free trade agreement, rules applying to the origin of goods must be met and followed. Use the Tariff Finder(external link) for more information on how to complete four key steps involved in this process:

  1. Establish the tariff classification for the good
  2. Check the tariff commitments in the relevant tariff schedule
  3. Determine the Rules of Origin (ROO) applying to the good
  4. Documentation and other requirements

Services, Investment and Visa Access for Business People

New Zealand service suppliers and investors will also benefit from modern rules that will make it easier to do business in the Pacific region. Benefits include:

  • improved market access, including treatment equal to local service suppliers and investors, unless subject to specific exceptions
  • the first treaty framework for investor protection in the region
  • better visa access for business people
  • future benefits from most-favoured-nation obligations, as PACER Plus parties are obliged to extend benefits under future free trade agreements with other countries to services suppliers and investors from PACER Plus countries.

Assisting businesses trading in the Pacific

We promote, advise and assist Pacific businesses through initiatives including:

You can also log an exporting issue:


You can email us at or ring MFAT’s exporter helpline 0800 824 605


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