PACER Plus General Review – public feedback sought

What is the General Review?

The PACER Plus General Review will assess and provide recommendations on:

  • Implementation and achievements of PACER Plus;
  • Implementation and effectiveness of the PACER Plus Development and Economic Cooperation
    Work Programme.

The General Review is conducted three years from the Agreement’s entry-into-force and every five years thereafter. This will be the first General Review of PACER Plus.

All PACER Plus countries, including New Zealand, will contribute to the review. MFAT is leading preliminary consultations in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Who can provide feedback?

Submissions closed on Monday 27 November 2023. Thank you to those who provided feedback.

If you wish to make a late submission, please enquire by emailing

Objectives of the General Review

The objectives of the General Review are as follows:

1. Objectively assess the benefits of the PACER Plus for Parties, having regard to the objectives of the Agreement as set out in the chapters, associated annexes and documents.

2. Assess the implementation of the Agreement since its entry into force in 2020 and the priority requirements in each Party to deliver on the objectives of the PACER Plus Agreement.

3. Identify required modifications to the PACER Plus Development and Economic Work Programme with due regard to the status of implementation of the obligations under the PACER Plus development and cooperation objectives as set out in the Implementing Arrangement for Development and Economic Cooperation and the PPIU Constitution.

4. Review the existing governance structures of the PPIU including the Terms of References of the PACER Plus Joint Committee and Subsidiary Bodies.

5. Strengthen Parties’ observance of the PACER Plus provisions and obligations.

6. Consider the parallel independent review of the Arrangement on Labour Mobility and any implications on the PACER Plus.

7. The parallel independent review of the Arrangement on Labour Mobility and any implications on the Development Economic Cooperation and Work Programme.


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