First Phase of the Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration Agency Level Evaluations - NZAID

Date | December 2007
Evaluators | Glenys Karran, Cameron Cowan (NZAID), Liz Higgins (IrishAid) and Patricia Sachs-Cornish (ForSec)

Download the evaluation [PDF, 83 KB]

Review of the Development Resource Centre

Date | February 2008
Evaluators | Christine Scott and Kevin Clark

Download the review [PDF, 208 KB]

Review of the Council for International Development

Date | February 2008
Evaluators | Sonja Easterbrook-Smith and Helena Barwick

Download the review

Tonga In-Country Training Review

Date | December 2007
Evaluator | Alison Gray

Download the review [PDF, 208 KB]

Evaluation of Ola Fou – Pasifika Youth Development Project

Date | March 2008
Evaluator | Susan Elliot

Download the evaluation [PDF, 281 KB]

External Review of the Vanuatu Education Management Information System

Date | April 2008
Evaluators | Martin Grinsted and Paul Molu

Download the review [PDF, 318 KB]

NZAID Latin America Development Programme Mid-Term Review

Date | April 2008
Evaluator | Chris Wheatley

Download the review [PDF, 377 KB]

Review of the Timor-Leste Social and Community Development Fund

Date | January 2008
Evaluators | Nancy Sheehan and António da Conceicão

Download the review [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Review of New Zealand’s Development Assistance to Timor-Leste 2001-2007

Date | August 2008
Evaluators | Sue Emmott and Jeffrey Buchanan

Download the review [PDF, 5.3 MB]

Review of Vanuatu’s Agriculture Extension Services

Date | June 2008
Evaluators | Ray Greer and Edwin Garaehangavulu

Download the review [PDF, 815 KB]

Evaluation of the NZAID/Tonga Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management Courses

Date | July 2008
Evaluator | Alison Gray

Download the evaluation [PDF, 252 KB]

Review of the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children

Date | July 2008
Evaluators | Sue Finucane and Samantha Hung

Download the review [PDF, 323 KB]

Download the annex [PDF, 142 KB]

Evaluation of the Pacific Regional Blindness Prevention Programme

Date | Not known
Evaluator | Frances Hughes

Download the evaluation [PDF, 211 KB]

2008 Joint Triennial Review of Australian and New Zealand Approaches to Supporting Pacific Regional Organisations

Date | September 2008
Evaluators | Philip Hewitt and Janine Constantine

Download the review [PDF, 276 KB]

Review of the New Zealand Vietnam Health Trust

Date | May 2008
Evaluators | Di Skidmore, Alison Young, Tran Thi Thu Ha, Michael Douglas, Ha Hue Chi

Download the review [PDF, 203 KB]

Participatory Review of the Local Government Unit Management Training Project

Date | March 2008
Evaluator | Connie Pabalan

Download the review [PDF, 5.2 MB]

Analysis Report: NZAID Outsourcing Practice Management of Scholarships

Date | August 2008
Evaluator | June Ralston

Download the report [PDF, 101 KB]

Evaluation of the Building Regional Capacity for Tobacco Control in the Pacific Programme

Date | February 2008
Evaluator | Michael Douglas

Download the evaluation [PDF, 381 KB]

Review of Completed Assistance for Statistics in the Pacific

Date | October 2008
Evaluators | Peter Ellis, Monitoring and Results Advisor, NZAID

Download the review [PDF, 169 KB]

Mid Term review of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum Pacific Project

Date | July/August 2008
Evaluators | Ed Peek and Graham Sansom

Download the review [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Independent Review of the Solomon Islands Curriculum Review and Reform Programme

Date | October 2008
Evaluator | Eve Coxon

Download the review [PDF, 442 KB]

Solomon Islands Review of the School of Education Partnership Link Programme

Date | May 2008
Evaluator | Tony Wrightson

Download the review [PDF, 350 KB]