Evaluation reports 2010

Kiribati Marine Training Centre (MTC) Institutional Strengthening Project

Date |  Nov 2010
Evaluator | S. L. Rogers
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Kiribati


Evaluation of the Samoa Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration Institutional Strengthening Programme

Date | May 2010
Evaluator | James McGovern, Lorenz Metzner, Mareva Betham-Annandale
New Zealand Aid Programme | Bilateral

Review of School Infrastructure Development Approaches in the Solomon Islands

Date | October 2009
Evaluator | Peter M Lawther
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Solomon Islands Bilateral

Mid Term Review of the Honiara City Council Institutional Capacity Building Project

Date | 2009
Evaluator | Graham Sanson, Kim Whitaker
New Zealand Aid Programme | Solomon Islands

Bougainville Community Police Project

Date | December 2009
Evaluator | James McGovern and Monica Taga
New Zealand Aid programme | Papua New Guinea

Review of the Asia Development Assistance Facility – Partnerships For Sustainable Development

Date | March 2010
Evaluator | Dr Satish Chandra
New Zealand Aid Programme | Bilateral

NZAID Asia Strategy: Mid Term Review

Date I May 2010
Evaluation I Catherine Bennett, Miranda Cahn and Gloriani Panjaitan
New Zealand  Aid Programme I Asia Strategy

Community Policing Pilot Programme: Timor-Leste: Independent Review Report

Date | April 2010
Evaluators | S. Emmott, M. Barcham, T. Ali Khan & E. Soares
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Timor Leste

Review Evaluation of the Halavaka ke he Monuina Development Partnership Arrangement

Date | March 2010
Evaluators | Nancy Sheehan, Josie Tamate and Christine Briasco
New Zealand Aid Programme | Niue Strengthened Cooperation Programme Inter-Agency

Review: NZAID Support to the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme

Date | June 2009
Evaluators | John Hay and Cedric Schuster
New Zealand Aid Programme | Pacific Regional Environment and Vulnerability

Evaluation of the Vanuatu Correctional Services Project

Date | May 2010
Evaluator | Andrew Kibblewhite, Colin Tavi, Grenville Bell
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Vanuatu

Solomon Island School of Education’s Certificate in Teaching for Teachers in Training Programme

Date | March 2010
Evaluator | Patricia Thompson
New Zealand Aid programme| Solomon Islands

Review of Reproductive Health Project between the GoPNG, UNFPA and GoNZ

Date | June 2009
Evaluator | Health Research for Action: G. Roedde, A. Islka, B. Koka, & H. Polume
New Zealand Aid Programme | Health Services improvement Programme
Papua New Guinea Country Programme

Vanuatu Farm Support Association (FSA)

Date | May 2010
Evaluator | John McKinnon, Kinsa Associates
New Zealand Aid programme| Vanuatu

Review of Trade Aid Importers Ltd

Date | May 2010
Evaluator | Alison Gray and Mary Cretney
New Zealand Aid programme| Civil Society Programme, Strategic Relations

Review of the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

Date | 30 April 2010
Evaluator | John Dwyer
New Zealand Aid Programme

Evaluation of Mobile Playgroup Project Fiji

Date | 2010
Evaluators | Helena Barwick; Lester Taylor; Unaisa Vasu Tuivagu
New Zealand Aid Programme | Fiji Bilateral

Review of the Oxfam Highlands Programme Papua New Guinea

Date | May 2010 Evaluators | Penelope Schoeffel Meleisea and Monica Muye-Kipong New Zealand Aid programme| Papua New Guinea

Evaluation of femLINKPACIFIC Community Empowerment for Peace and Security Programme

Date | 2009
Evaluator | Sue Elliot
New Zealand Aid Programme | Pacific Regional

New Zealand-Vanuatu Programme Strategy 2006-2010

Date | September 2010
Evaluator | Maire Dwyer
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Vanuatu Bilateral

Review of the Solomon Islands Education Sector Wide Approach Arrangement

Date | September 2009
Evaluator | Eric Pedersen & Eve Coxon
New Zealand  Aid Programme | Solomon Islands Bilateral

Evaluation of the Community Initiatives Scheme (CIS), Cook Islands

Date | November 2010
Evaluator | Alison Gray and Raymond Newnham
New Zealand Aid Programme


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