Chile New Zealand working holidays

The Working Holiday Scheme is designed to promote the exchange and mutual knowledge of Chilean and New Zealand youth, through holidays in the counterpart country.

Visa requirements for New Zealanders

The basic requirements and conditions for New Zealand Citizens when applying for a Working Holiday Scheme visa for Chile are that the applicant:

  • is a national of New Zealand who is ordinarily resident in New Zealand at the time of application;
  • is aged between eighteen (18) and thirty (30) years, both inclusive, at the time of application;
  • is not accompanied by children;
  • possesses a valid New Zealand passport;
  • possesses a return ticket, or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket;
    possesses sufficient funds for his/her maintenance during the period of stay in Chile, at the discretion of the relevant authorities;
  • pays the prescribed temporary resident visa fee; and
  • agrees to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalisation insurance to remain in force throughout his/her stay in Chile.

General advice

The following guidance was put together from advice provided by New Zealanders who have already obtained their visas, and information given to us by the Chilean authorities. It is not intended to be a definitive explanation of the procedure for obtaining a Temporary Residence visa. The Chilean authorities may have other requirements that are not covered here or may change some of the procedures at their discretion. At times processing may take longer than indicated below. Individuals who are applying for the visa will need to acquaint themselves with the requirements as advised by the relevant authorities and comply with them accordingly.

In New Zealand

Full details of the Working Holiday Scheme Visa requirements for New Zealanders can be obtained from the Chilean Embassy and Consular offices in New Zealand. See their website link) for details.

Apply for the Working Holiday Scheme visa at the Chilean Embassy in Wellington before leaving New Zealand. If successful you will be issued with a Certifying Letter that grants approval for a temporary resident visa (Visa de Residencia Temporal). Once approval is granted, you have 90 days from the date of issue of the approval to enter Chile.

In Chile

Temporary resident visa

The temporary resident visa (Visa de Residencia Temporal) is applied for and issued in Chile and is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of entry into Chile. To apply, submit your passport, application (together with the eligibility document from the Chilean Embassy) and fee payment to:

Ministerio del Interior, Depto. Extranjería
Website: link)

Once the application is accepted you will be given a copy of a form showing that your visa is being processed. Keep a photocopy of your passport for identity purposes while your visa is being processed. The process takes about one week.

Telephone numbers for enquiries: 550 2400/ 550 2454.

Police registration

After the visa has been granted go to Registro de Policía Internacional to register. Provide 3 photos with your name and passport number. A document will be issued which allows you to apply for the Chilean ID (this document is issued the same day).

Registro de Policía Internacional: link) - Extranjeria

Chilean Identity Card

With the document from Policia Internacional apply at Servicio de Registro Civil for your Chilean Identity Card. Provide a photocopy of your passport and Chilean visa and pay the fee. The process takes about 2 weeks. You can also apply for the ID at any Registro Civil office in the regions outside Santiago.

Servicio de Registro Civil: (external link)

Once the visa is issued, holders may engage in any lawful activity, including short-term employment, during their residence in Chile.

NZ Documents for use in Chile

You should bring authenticated copies of your certificates such as university degree, trade certificates or other qualifications. These can be important for obtaining work and finalising an employment contract.

In general, no official document or certificate is accepted in Chile unless it has been authenticated. The Department of Internal Affairs(external link) website explains the process for the authentication of New Zealand documents required for use overseas.


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