Embassy of the United States of America

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Contact details

Physical address 29 Fitzherbert Terrace
New Zealand

Postal address PO Box 1190
New Zealand

Other consular contacts

Staff Details:

His Excellency Mr Thomas Udall, Ambassador (1 December 2021)
Ms Jill Cooper

Mr Christopher Allison, Counsellor
Ms Beth Rollins

Commander Daniel Shane Fisher, Naval Attaché

Mr Levin Flake, Counsellor (Agriculture) [resident in Canberra]

Mr Eric Johnson, First Secretary
Mrs Laura Johnson

Ms Leslie Goodman, First Secretary

Mr (Won) William Oh, First Secretary
Mrs Nayoung Lee

Mr David Lee, Second Secretary
Mrs Jill Lee

Mr James Jeffers, Second Secretary

Ms Ashely Tokic, Second Secretary

Mr Jeffrey Cua, Attaché

Mr Michael Brown, Attaché (Legal)

Mrs Lucinda McKnight-Robson, Attaché
Mr Alan Robson

Mr Kindolo Roy Gugia, Attaché (Defence)
Ms Paolo Tipeni

Commander Tobias Reid, Attaché (Coast Guard) [resident in Canberra]

Mr Curtis Hoofman, Attaché (Defence)

Mr Scott Minner, Attaché (Defence)
Ms Margaret Culyba

Mr Jeremy Jakel, Attaché (Defence)
Mrs Falon Jakel

Mr Cory Heavin, Attaché
Mrs Kimberly Heavin

Mr Mitchell Lopez, Attaché
Mrs Carmen Lopez

Mr Sean Waters, Attaché
Ms Allison Bybee

Mr Christopher Pritchett, Attaché
Ms Rie Oishi

Mr Brian Fleming, Attaché
Mrs Lisa Fleming

Mr Joshua Yates, Attaché
Mrs Gwendolyn Yates

Mr Bryan Cox, Attaché
Mrs Natalie Gay

Mr Mutasim Rahman, Attaché
Mrs Doroteya Savova-Rahman

Mrs Anna Bysfield, Attaché
Mr Mark Bysfield

Ms Devon Wohl, Attaché

Ms Rebecca Wagner, Attaché
Mr Phillip Mauck

Mr Heath Peterson, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mrs Madeline Peterson

Mrs Maria Meeks, Administrative and Technical Staff
Mr Craig Meeks

Mr Jacob Hoetger, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Jose Rivera Martinez, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Marcoy Perodin, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Brent Haffey, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Nathaniel Showalter, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Eduardo Galicia, Administrative and Technical Staff

Ms Kyrah Cantu, Administrative and Technical Staff [resident in Canberra]

Mr Alex Sanchez, Administrative and Technical Staff

Mr Mason McGee, Administrative and Technical Staff



Consulate-General, Auckland staff

Mrs Sarah Nelson, Consul-General (26 July 2021)
Mr William Smith

Mrs Angela Kennedy, Consul

Mrs Jessica Boyer, Consul
Mr Robert Boyer II

Mr Mark Saavedra, Consul
Ms Olivia Blanchette

Mrs Katherine Yates, Vice Consul
Mr Benjamin Yates

Ms Latricia Hall, Vice Consul

Mr Brian Jacobson, Consular Employee
Mrs Katrina Jacobson

Ms Robin Jones, Consular Employee


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