Opening a bank account

Proof of identity is the main thing you need to open a bank account in Australia. But you must have the right identification in the right form.

Proof of identity

New Zealanders must provide proof of identity before they can open a bank account in Australia.

You need 100 points of identification

In Australia, different forms of identification are assigned points. You must provide 100 points worth of identification to open a bank account. For example, a passport is worth 80 points.

Other identification worth points may include:

  • a photographic driver licence
  • Australian property lease documents
  • electricity or telephone accounts.

These paper documents must be in the exact name of the applicant, with the name spelled exactly the same.

Driver licence and passport must have the same name

Before leaving New Zealand, make sure the name on your driver licence is exactly the same as the name on your passport, or it may not be accepted as identification.

Consular staff in the New Zealand High Commission Canberra or consulates in Australia cannot change New Zealand identity documents such as driver licences.  


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