Extending or modifying visa status

The New Zealand Embassy in Paris cannot assist with or provide advice on obtaining a visa for France or modifying your current status. You must contact the French authorities for this.

If you are in New Zealand, you are strongly advised to contact the visa section of the Embassy of France(external link) in Wellington well before your departure, for stays longer than 3 months or for stays other than as a tourist.

If you are already in France as a tourist, either visa-free (less than three months) or with a long-stay visa, and you are wanting to extend your stay, contact your local Préfecture de Police (Service des Etrangers) or the Embassy of France(external link) in Wellington for advice on whether this is possible and the procedures involved. You may also find the French Public Service(external link) website useful.

The same advice applies to holders of student permits.

Holders of a Working Holiday Visa for France are reminded that the maximum stay is 12 months from the date of first entry, irrespective of the time subsequently spent outside of France, and that this visa cannot be extended. Working Holiday Visas are country-specific (e.g.) a WHV for France does not allow the holder to work in another European country such as the United Kingdom.

Find out about the Working Holiday Scheme 

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