How do I self assess whether my export is controlled?

To understand whether a permit may be required for your export you can perform a self-assessment.   Your export is controlled if it contains items listed on the New Zealand Strategic Goods List or if it is covered by catch-all controls. 

If you are trading chemicals, you also need to read the 'Exporting (and importing) chemicals' guidance, as controls may apply.

Step 1: Check if your items are on the New Zealand Strategic Goods List

First, download the latest New Zealand Strategic Goods List.

Now you have the document downloaded, you can navigate the document using the table of contents and search the document using CTRL+F.  

If you find your item, make a note of the exact section of the New Zealand Strategic Goods List that covers your item. It is helpful if you can quote the section reference when you are filling out a permit application form.

If you cannot find your item but believe it may be controlled contact the Export Controls team for assistance.

Step 2: Check if your export is covered by the catch-all provisions

If you are exporting items to a military end user, then your exports are controlled, whether or not they appear on the Strategic Goods List.  Military end users include any armed force, paramilitary force, police force, or militia. 

The catch-all provisions are given effect through a Gazette notice that came into force in October 2020, which essentially “catches-all” those goods intended for a military or quasi-military end use that are not on the Strategic Goods List. 

The catch-all provisions cover all countries and products (with some exceptions).

  • There are exceptions for items consigned for final use in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States or a member state of the European Union.
  • There are exceptions for animals, food and beverage, or medical, health and sanitary products.
  • There are exemptions for goods supplied under government assistance programmes.
  • There are exemptions for parts, components and replacement items (unless incorporated into weapons or used for the production, maintenance or testing of weapons).
  • There are exceptions for exports of research where the research contracts/agreements were concluded during the one-year period following entry into force of the Gazette Notice (i.e. from 9 October 2020).  Exports of that research are exempt if completed within the five years following entry into force.

If you are unsure whether your export falls under catch-all provisions contact the Export Controls team for assistance.


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