The full text of the AANZFTA is available to read and download.

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AANZFTA full text

The current version of the AANZFTA text.

Preamble [PDF, 9 KB]

Chapter 1: Establishment of Free Trade Area, Objectives and General Definitions [PDF, 12 KB]

Chapter 2: Trade in Goods – original text [PDF, 18 KB]

Chapter 3: Rules of Origin – original text [PDF, 33 KB]

Chapter 4: Customs Procedures [PDF, 19 KB]

Chapter 5: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures [PDF, 16 KB]

Chapter 6: Standards, Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment Procedures [PDF, 22 KB]

Chapter 7: Safeguard Measures [PDF, 22 KB]

Chapter 8: Trade in Services [PDF, 55 KB]

Chapter 9: Movement of Natural Persons [PDF, 15 KB]

Chapter 10: Electronic Commerce [PDF, 15 KB]

Chapter 11: Investment [PDF, 65 KB]

Chapter 12: Economic Cooperation [PDF, 12 KB]

Chapter 13: Intellectual Property [PDF, 24 KB]

Chapter 14: Competition [PDF, 9 KB]

Chapter 15: General Provisions and Exceptions [PDF, 23 KB]

Chapter 16: Institutional Provisions [PDF, 10 KB]

Chapter 17: Consultations and Dispute Settlement [PDF, 56 KB]

Chapter 18: Final Provisions [PDF, 14 KB]

Annexes to AANZFTA Agreement

Annex 1 - Schedules of tariff commitments

Annex 2 - Product specific rules

Annex 3 - Schedules of specific services commitments

Annex 4 - Schedules of movement of natural persons commitments

Annex 5 - Schedules of goods tariffs

First Protocol

In 2014, member countries agreed on a Protocol that will amend the Agreement establishing AANZFTA. This Protocol responded to implementation issues associated with Certificates of Origin and Rules of Origin, providing for greater streamlining of the certification for movement of goods throughout AANZFTA countries. The First Protocol is in force for all AANZFTA countries except Indonesia. 

More documents

The following documents contain additional information on the First Protocol.

Second Protocol

In 2023, member countries agreed on the Second Protocol that will upgrade the Agreement establishing AANZFTA. The Second Protocol amends the existing AANZFTA to modernise its commitments while also adding new areas into the Agreement. The Second Protocol will update AANZFTA’s trade rulebook as well as market access commitments in services and investment. This will bring AANZFTA’s provisions into line with comparable recent FTAs. The benefits include simpler processes at the border for New Zealand goods and a modernised approach to e-commerce.

The Protocol will help ensure AANZFTA remains a modern, high-quality FTA that supports New Zealanders to effectively and efficiently export to and invest in the ASEAN region.

The Second Protocol was signed by New Zealand at the sidelines of the 55th ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting on 21 August 2023 in Semarang, Indonesia. Once the Second Protocol enters into force, the provisions of the Second Protocol will effectively replace the provisions of the original AANZFTA Agreement and First Protocol, where provided for in the Second Protocol.

Set out below is the text of the Second Protocol:

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Annex 4


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