North Pacific Development Fund

The North Pacific Development Fund (NPDF) enables the New Zealand Embassy in Honolulu to support activities that contribute to development in the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Republic of Palau.

Eligible activities or projects

NPDF is primarily aimed at supporting small-scale development projects or activities. Recipients will normally be non-government organisations and community groups engaged in development activities on a non-profit basis. The maximum grant for a single activity is NZ$75,000.

Priority will be given to activities or projects:

  • that enhance gender equality and increase the equitable participation of women in development
  • that target assistance to the disadvantaged which may include people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, young people and communities in remote areas who have not otherwise received assistance
  • where the applicants are making a significant contribution themselves in labour, transport, materials, and/or cash
  • that encourage and facilitate self-help through active participation of beneficiaries in the identification, design and implementation of the project
  • have clearly stated objectives and a sound implementation plan
  • that employ sound environment and ecological practices, and
  • that have high development impacts in proportion to costs.

Activities or items which will not be supported include:

  • research
  • scholarships
  • ongoing (recurrent) funding of recipients’ operational/organisational costs such as wages and salaries
  • payments to consultants or advisers
  • motor vehicles, televisions, international travel, animals or other goods/services commonly subject to theft, misuse, conversion, disease or damage
  • unsolicited donations to charities, orphanages or other forms of welfare
  • for profit business enterprises under the control of individuals
  • cultural or sporting activities unless the community involved is particularly disadvantaged
  • political, religious or evangelical activities
  • grants to individuals.

How to apply

Applications are not currently open.

Application form

Download and complete the Application Form.

All applications should be:

  • clearly written on the form provided. Additional information can be attached.
  • supported by invoices/purchase orders from suppliers of goods and services to the activity where relevant.
  • signed by a responsible member of the applying organisation.

Forms should be sent to:

NPDF Administrator
New Zealand Embassy
733 Bishop Street, Suite 2020
Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: +1-808-675-5555


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