Russian Sanctions

Details of Designations made under the Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022.

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All information on this page should be taken as general guidance, and does not constitute legal advice. It is recommended you seek specific legal guidance on any sanctions related issues.

The Russia Sanctions Act 2022 sanctions register, including all current sanctions made under the Act, can be downloaded below. This is intended to be a guide. Please refer to the Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022, and any amendments, for the details and list of sanctions.

The Russian Sanctions Regulations expire at the close of 17 March 2025, however the tariff increase under the Tariff Act 1988 expires earlier, on 5 November 2022.

Latest changes

  • 17 May: regulations designating additional Belarusian individuals and entities, including President Lukashenko; extending further prohibitions on Belarusians already sanctioned.
  • 11 May: regulations designating disinformation and malicious cyber actors; extending some sanctions to ‘relatives’ of designated individuals; services prohibition updated.
  • 3 May: regulations designating members of Russia’s Federation Council, additional defence entities, and extending further prohibitions on those already sanctioned.

Russia Sanctions Register: updated 17 May

Summary of sanctions imposed

Under the Russia Sanctions Act, Regulations have been made that:

  • Apply the full swathe of sanctions on hundreds of individuals (travel bans, bans on any aircraft or ships they own or control entering New Zealand, asset freezes, prohibitions on dealing with securities and a prohibition regarding services). These individuals include President Putin and permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, members of the State Duma and Federation Council who voted in favour of the recognition the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk, political, economic and military elites, and disinformation and malicious cyber actors.
  • Sanction defence entities, freezing their assets, prohibiting financial dealings, and banning any related aircrafts and ships from entering New Zealand.
  • Sanction key banks and financial entities, freezing their assets, prohibiting financial dealings, and banning any related aircrafts and ships from entering New Zealand.
  • Ban Russian and Belarussian government and military aircraft and ships from entering New Zealand.
  • Apply a 35% tariff on all imports of Russian origin and prohibit the export of certain goods to Russia and Belarus, including products that are closely connected to strategic Russian industries (products are listed in the sanctions register).

Revocations, amendments, or exemptions

The Act states that any person may apply to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the basis of humanitarian need or for any other reason, to request

  • the amendment or revocation of a regulation
  • the amendment or revocation of a designation notice
  • an exemption from a sanction for a particular specified situation in relation to events or dealings, in relation to persons, assets, or services.

An application must be made by using the template application form below, and submitted to


If you have a business/exporter enquiry contact:

If you suspect a breach of sanctions you can make a 105 Police Non-Emergency report(external link).

To apply for an exemption or for any queries about exemptions, including in relation to prohibited exports, contact:

For other Russian Sanctions enquiries contact:


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