Working towards a secure world

We take our responsibility for helping create and maintain a peaceful world seriously. New Zealand participates actively in the international campaign against terrorism, initiatives to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and peace support operations. We work with other governments and participate in regional and international bodies that promote wider security cooperation and stability.

The protection of human rights is fundamental to achieving peace and stability, and New Zealand is known for its work to promote human rights internationally.

MFAT represents New Zealand in global discussions on peace, security and human rights issues.

New Zealand served on the United Nations Security Council 2015-2016.

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Our work with the UN

New Zealand believes in a rules-based international system and the UN is at the core of this. New Zealand works to make the UN a better organisation. New Zealand served on the UN Security Council for the fourth time from 2015-16. MFAT represents New Zealand at the UN.

International security

Counter terrorism, cyber and space security and an increase in people smuggling are all aspects of today's ever-changing international security landscape. We have a big interest in the security of the Asia-Pacific region. We contribute to regional peace support efforts and UN peacekeeping operations.


From conventional weapons such as firearms and landmines to weapons of mass destruction, New Zealand is a strong supporter of disarmament and arms control. PACDAC is a public advisory committee that advises Government on these topics.

UN sanctions

As a member of the United Nations, New Zealand recognises all sanctions that the United National Security Council imposes.

Human rights

New Zealand firmly believes in human rights and promotes these in the UN. MFAT represents New Zealand at the key bodies in Geneva and New York.

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Nations was formed to maintain an association between countries that had once been part of the British colonies. It has 53 members.

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